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  • New Mix – DJ Phil Andrews ~ Spring Sessions – Free Download

    2012 - 01.18

    Spring Sessions by DJ Phil Andrews

    Pioneer CDJ2000 New Firmware Released

    2012 - 01.18


    Finally Pioneer have released the long awaited fix to the MT issue…. The link above will take you to where you need to go!

    Dinka – On The Beach (Original Mix)

    2011 - 12.04


    Another remix of one of a top tune this time having the Dinka Treatment, loving the progressive vibe on this… Someone pass me a cocktail, summer must just be round the corner!!
    Available here :

    Full Tilt feat. Deirdre Mc Laughlin – Calling My Name (Extended Mix)

    2011 - 11.20

    Time for another tune of the week… In my mind worthy of the title, sweetly lyrical (ty Deirdre), piano ….. What more can I say, listen and indulge and feel this one.

    Wez Clarke & Eddie Kid feat Max’C – Without You

    2011 - 11.13

    Back for a 2011 remix, and rightly so… Bouncy lyrical banger… Coming on this weeks show on www.housefreaks.co.uk/ Channel 2 8pm – 10pm

    Dusky – Lost in You

    2011 - 11.13

    Not new, but I’ve just come across it…..Something a little different for the tune of the week something soulful and well what can I say but pure class ! Check out the extended vocal mix, by far my favourite.

    Phil Andrews – Floating in your soul

    2011 - 10.19

    Floating in Your Soul – Phil Andrews by DJ Phil Andrews

    Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. Jamie Principle – Your Love (The Remixes)

    2011 - 10.17

    Another tune of the week for your enjoyment…. Loving the work that’s been done to the classic. All too often a classic is spoilt, not in this case, one to keep you dancin and singin… Enjoy ;O)

    68 Beats – Noise

    2011 - 10.03

    The Tune of the week is here once again…. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my favorite mix to post here, but if you’re shopping check out the “Hypster Remix” by far my favorite. However the one below is still rather good !

    Pioneer S-DJ05 W

    2011 - 10.03

    In Keeping with things all shiny and white, Pioneer have decided to makeover their rather nice S-DJ05 Active speaker. You guessed it they are……. Shiny….. and White with a Pioneer pricetag… They don’t sound half bad either!

    SDJ05 - W

    Key features

    Perfect sound reproduction The speakers are equipped with a 10cm high-force magnet and low-resonance chimney-style heat sink for the accurate reproduction of the original source and robust low frequency sound.

    Built-in linear EQ takes away the hassle of a sub-mixer
    The speakers’ built-in linear equaliser adjusts the frequency characteristics in the low and high bands from -6 dB to +6dB. Whether you are DJing, creating, or listening to music, the S-DJ-Ws let you fine-tune the sound to suit your needs.

    Deep, wide sweet spot
    The waveguide shape of the tweeter give a wider than normal sweet spot to cover the width of your studio set-up; and the independently driven woofer increases the vertical range to ensure no loss of clarity whether standing or sitting.

    Effortless switch between four inputs
    The S-DJ-Ws are the only speakers1 to enable switching between four audio terminals: XLR, TRS ¼ inch PHONE and RCA x 2. So you can switch between four sources without needing to fiddle with wires.

    One external controller for multiple settings
    DJ/producers can control all of their favourite features through one external controller: adjust the volume, mute the speakers, switch audio inputs and turn the EQ on/off without ever having to move.

    Total mute function
    Total mute allows DJs/producers to mute the sound without adjusting the volume, to preserve your frame of reference.

    Other features include:
    Blue LED display on front of speaker indicates input source, EQ and power on or off.
    Screw holes in the speaker base are fitted for installation purposes.
    Environmentally friendly auto-standby function switches the units to standby mode when no input or usage is detected for 60 minutes.